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The second day (the beginning is here)

An attempt to do practice on the floor in my hotel room makes me slowly go into sleep – the body senses heating floor in such a manner  :) And maybe the difference in time zones let me know this: morning in Seul is deep night in Moscow.
The first discover of the second day: fresh bottles with juice and water appeared in a fridge and dry towels in a bathroom  :)
We decided to find one famous vegetarian café in a center and explored that it was closed half a year ago. Instead of it in Tourist Information (special desks for tourists where you are answered any question such as «where?») – we were given the remarks in our map with all vegetarian cafes in this district. We came to one of it. In the entrance there is a «honours board» «famous vegetarians» with very interesting selection of personages:

The second discover of the second day: explored that when order one dish you get 5-6 little dushes (like snacks) plus soup and/or rice plus tea free of charge. Next time we decided to take one dish for two of us for not to blow out.  :) Some Korean dishes are rather spicy (red pepers is wide spreaded), but not nearly all of them. Actually it is very quickly to acclimatize to red pepper  :) By the way, there is very very unexpensive way of meal in Korea (and besides very tasty) – “kimpap” (looks like Japanese rolls). As a rule you are also given a snacks with it + bowl of soy soup. Another variant “tourist’s breakfast”, you can take ingredients in any supermarket  :) By the way in Korea in each market you can find energetic drinks made from ginseng and other herbs (little bottle on the photo with tourist’s breakfast). It energizes very good from the morning.  :)

In centeral district of Seul it is a lot of parks. By the way Koreans traditionally values  geomancy very much – the art to create a landscape and construct buildings in accordance with cosmic lows.

Why do Koreans (such as Chineese, Japanees, Thai) constructed buildings with a curved roof?
The most widespread answer – such roof didn’t let evil spirits get into house. Demon crashed down on the roof rushed down on it, speeded up like in jump from springboard and returned back to heaven (where safly dispersed) or flied away to a distant neighbors. 
Sometimes on the benches of roof the statues of animal quards were put – for help demon if he is rushes not too quickly.  The more guards – the more important building is. On a king palaces it’s number can be to 12.

Another versin (more scientific) – straight lines and corners direct negative energy flows and curved – disperse.

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Re: Корея. Путевые заметки. День второй
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thanks for photos, I was laughing for a long time ;D
Was the Jesus Christ a vegetarian?
I remember exactly that he feeded people by the fish, didn't he eat also? :)
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