Author Topic: Information for people who want to teach Kouksundo  (Read 7399 times)


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Information for people who want to teach Kouksundo
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:29:24 AM »
1. Seminars level

First Kouksundo BonWon seminar outside of Korea took place in 2011. Since that time, 5 seminars were held. One of the most important purposes of the seminars is to find out and educate persons who will be a good leader in their region for Kouksundo practitioners. So, practice and theory level in the seminars are quite high and they correspond to the program for would-be teachers. Practice and information given through the seminars are especially important for the people, who would like to become a Kouksundo Master in the future and, of course, ordinary practitioners who just love to practice for their own physical health and emotional happiness, spiritual growth.

2. Right priorities for Kouksundo practitioners

Kouksundo is a practice of high spirituality level. So, correct order of priorities is very important for all Kouksundo practitioners:

  • Moral attitude. That is correct mind, first Kouksundo principle.
  • Steady practice. It's a way to develop and keep correct mind.
  • Information (theory knowledge of Kouksundo). Theory is like landmarks for our steady practice and correct way.

Moral attitude is the most important thing, and such order of priorities is especially important for Kouksundo leaders and Masters. It's important to follow it in our own practice and in teaching other people.

3. Regular visiting season

In the nearest future, there will be a system of regular visiting season for foreign practitioners who have interest in visiting Kouksundo BonWon which is the native place of Kouksundo since 1967 when Kouksundo was first opened to this world by Cheong San. Draft seasons are: spring (March) and autumn (October) every year for those foreign practitioners who want to visit Kouksundo BonWon for better understanding of teaching principles and experiencing directly the feeling of Kouksundo spirit in Korea and BonWon. It's not a duty, it's just for people who want to visit and see BonWon which is the fountainhead of Kouksundo and the homeplace of all Kouksundo practitioners and practice intensively there in Korea which has a very beautiful nature.

4. Intensive training

For practitioners who will practice steady and intensive and approach to getting black belt, There will be an intensive education and training program given by BonWon at a beautiful mountain place some time before they get black belt and a master's license.