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South Korea. Travel notes. Kouksundo in Seoul.
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Kouksundo in Seoul (continuation, the beginning is here and here)

There is about 10 centers of Kouksundo in Seoul. The main center is situated in a center of Seoul, exactly near the exit from Anguk metro station - it is easy to  get here bu metro or by car. There is very peacefull atmosphere in a center: when entering here the breathing and mind are getting calm spontaneously.  On a half-transperent glass in a wall of a hall you can find postures of Kouksundo's different levels.

First time we came to a lesson when Master Kim was not in Seoul. We talked to a Masters who gives classes there. They were brightened up very much when they got to know that in Russia and Ukraine there are also Kouksundo practicioners.
It is a 10 lessons in a day here. First lessons starts at 5.20 in a morning, last on is at 9 p.m. There is 2 types of lessons: 1 hour oк 1 hour 20 minutes. Most of practicioners are very busy people: businessmen, civil servants, workers of a big corporates etc. Most of them can spend only 1 hour a day for practice. Also 1 hour lessons are very comfortable for beginners. All lessons are accompanied with the record of Great Master Chung San's voice. Master, who leads the lesson, shows how to do exercises, looks after right doing and helps those who needs.

Those who has more time for practice come for two classes one by one. The beginners and people who has coloured or black belt are together in one class during one lesson. It is effective, because first and last part of practice is the same and independent from level. Everybody does his one practice during the second part according to his level. And it is also an additional motivation and energetic support when they stay and do practice together with the advanced practicioners.

The meeting with Master Kim was very pleasant. :) He invited us to the ceremony dedicated to a 45 years from that day when Great Master Chung Sun opened first Kouksundo center in Seoul.
About several hundred of practicioners gathered on the ceremony both from Korea and other countries. It was also one of our countryman from Rostov. :)

The ceremony had been opened with a drummers performance:

Exhibition performance of masters:

Chief masters of Kouksundo federation convey black belts:

When announcer presented the most famous people gathered in a hall suddenly we were also announced as a representatives from Russia. It was embarassed for us but people responded extremly kindly. :)

At the end of the ceremony chief masters of Kouksundo federation made speeches. They was in Korean, unfortunatelly for us. But we felt a very strong energy message. :) During the fourshet after ceremony we had a chance to talk to some of them. All of them are people with a high level of realization in social life. Almost all of them know English perfectly. Some of them are high level officers in the government of South Korea or in the big Korean companies. One of Masters said that everything he achived in his life was a result of following to 5 principals of Kouksundo and constant practice.

Photo for memory:

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Re: South Korea. Travel notes. Kouksundo in Seoul.
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a man in a tie  at this picture - looks exactly like Chung San.  :o
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Re: South Korea. Travel notes. Kouksundo in Seoul.
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a man in a tie  at this picture - looks exactly like Chung San.  :o

This is his son, Master Chin Mok

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